Thursday, 30 April 2015

People Come and Go, But LIfe GoES oN

Kali nih Imma write a dedication to all those yg akan leave the MADPP Programme
especially for my own classmate, Inani Husna Zamri. Well, its been a great privilege
to meet these guys. Eventho kejap je kan? 4 bulan from 13th of January smpai ke
harini hha. I'm sure yg each class ada yg akan pergi for a better offer. Alhamdulillah,
its their rezeki utk dpat offer2 tu.

If we really are their friend, kita x akan halang dorg pergi since its for the better their
own future. I've really enjoyed the times here kat KKTM Ledang with new friends and
all. Tapi mcm x sangka lak enn seawal nihh ada yg dah nak pergi hha*Sobs a bit* hha.

Tis lucky gal got an offer from JPA-MARA

Sedih x sedih, its life. People come and go. When they aren't with us x bermaksud
yg kita bukan kawan dah kann? Juga x bermaksud yg kita xkan jumpa lagi hehe...
Believe me, its small world. Ada rezeki, ada jodoh InsyaAllah jumpa lah lagi kwn2
kita :D. Lagi lah dengan all those Gadgets n techs yg mass produce zaman sekarang
hha. Kalau nak tiap2 hari leh bersembang hhe.

So, let em go. Let it go. Let them chase their dreams to ensure and obtain a brighter
future. The brighter the future, the higher the chance of meeting again*Iye dakk??
hha. Well, thats my opinion of life lah. Bab benda2 ni jngn halang :). Ni rezeki
masing2. Allah Maha Adil. Dia curahkan semua rezeki dan peluang. Its up to us to
grab it, the chances.

Sempat snap a selfie be-ramai2 hehe

Its life, people come and go. Kengkawan kita ber-ganti2 especially bila pergi tmpat
baru. For me, each of them have their own place in us. Selagi kita x lupakan
dorg*the ones yg jauh, they will always have a special place in our hearts. Jadi xyah
down sngt about perpisahan2 nih hhe. InsyaAllah ada rezeki jumpa lah lagi hhe :D.

So goodluck lah to all, yg JPA-MARA ke, Bank Negara ke, UWC etc..
I Wish you all goodluck in undertaking your own future. Eventho berpisah sekarang.
Believe me, it will not be the last. Its not the last time we meet each other hhe. Selagi
kita melangkah di atas Bumi ini, yakinlah yg kita akan bertemu lagi :).

Orait, so thats it for this time*x reti gua nk tulis panjang2 hahaahahaha...

*Goodluck Nani on your future Journeyy hehe :D.
**Ingat janji ditepati wehh haha xD

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Chess Inter-MRSM, Why not??

First of all, a special thanks to Puan Asmah Ahmad Hambadley and Ust Hazmi Saari
for making it possible for me to play chess :D. Also thanks to MARA cuz kalau x
masuk MRSM Pasir Salak Form 1 dulu mungkin x kenal pon chess haha... Kenal and
start maen waktu Form 1. Before, x knal langsung*except for nama buah catur la
kan* hha.

Masa start mane Form 1 dulu, first cita2 nk maen kt MSSM*kebangsaan* . 2 tahun n
2 kali lah mencuba*Start wakil maktab time Form2* . Tapi malangnya xde rezeki kt
Perak. 2 tahun cuba tapi x dpat gak terpilih maen for Perak. By the end of PMR, start
Form 4 masuk MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba. Rezekinya kat sini :D. dpt main dua tahun
for Melaka as U18. Form 4 main acara individu, Form 5 main acara berpasukan.

MSSM Catur 2013

So sepanjang career chess nih, met with many people. Macam2 rupa n perangai gak
dak2 chess haha. K, for the mainpoint this time, I would really be grateful if MARA
adakan Chess Inter-MRSM every year. Bagi menggalakkan pemain2 dari MRSM
utk tunjukkan bakat masing2. Ramai dah pemain catur dari MRSM that I've met within
this short 5 years of chess career.

Especially last year*Tahun last*, ramai sangat.
Hampir every negeri, mesti ada 2-3 org wakil dari MRSM yg main utk negeri msing2.
Several examples would be Perak, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan n Melaka*myself hhe.
Pahang shj ada 5-6 org pemain catur dari MRSM, Perak 2 org, Negeri Sembilan 2 org.
Melaka juga 2 org*termasuk diri sendiri*

MSSM Catur 2014

For me, I was lucky enough sebab start off with 2 really great coaches*Cikgu Asmah
n Ust Hazmi tapi for MRSM laen mcm tiada galakkan sngt utk para pemain sebab
tiada tournament laen to look forward to except MSSD*Peringkat Daerah. Kalau nk
g open, kene lalui proses paperwork semua dulu baru lpas* tu pon kalau rezeki lepas
hha*. Sayang sribu kali sayang sebab I'm sure ramai pelajar MRSM yg berpotensi
dalam catur.

Kadang2, ada juga case yg parents xbagi anak masuk MRSM sebab takut anak xleh
sambung career chess yg dah dibina dari kecil, tapi yg tu their own choice la kan??
Therefore, I really hope yg pihak MARA would consider this*Inter-MRSM Chess*. 
Would be really great for the future students hhe :). Anyways, Thank You to semua yg
ada sepanjang perjuangan 5 tahun as Student MRSM/Player Chess nihh and also,
Thank You MARA for making all this possible :).

Friday, 17 April 2015

WIth EVerY brOKEn BONe, I Swear I Lived

Assalamualaikum everyone!!
Haaaa, This time its going to be fully English mehh*First Try*
Okayy, its been a while since I last updated this blog hha xD. New lease of life in
college hhe. Full of assignments and paperworks Mehh. Anyways, this time imma
write a bit about life.

Ever wonder why The Almighty provide challenges in our life?? Its easy, Cuz he
knows whats best :). Overcoming all the challenges in our life, wouldn't that be
satisfying? Its like doing a particularly complicated Add Maths question and finally
obtaining the correct answer haha*LOL the only analogy that I could come up with.

Challenges in our life is kinda like a symbol. A symbol which proves that you're
a normal human, going through a normal life. Without challenges, life would be just
'life', without any significant happenings. The challenges that we managed to
overcome is what made us as we are now.

Take a short look around. Think about it. Without all the challenges in our life, the
things around us now would probably be wholly different. It actually defines who
you are, as a person. Be grateful and value your life.

Don't let the challenges beat you easily. If you go down, you must go down trying.
But if you realise, we were never easily beaten by challenges were we? Cuz its
what we are, Humans. Born for a reason. Also remember that whenever you're
feeling down or giving up, look around closely and you'll realise that actually there
are many people supporting you throughout your life, these people are whom we
call Friends & Family :).