Friday, 17 April 2015

WIth EVerY brOKEn BONe, I Swear I Lived

Assalamualaikum everyone!!
Haaaa, This time its going to be fully English mehh*First Try*
Okayy, its been a while since I last updated this blog hha xD. New lease of life in
college hhe. Full of assignments and paperworks Mehh. Anyways, this time imma
write a bit about life.

Ever wonder why The Almighty provide challenges in our life?? Its easy, Cuz he
knows whats best :). Overcoming all the challenges in our life, wouldn't that be
satisfying? Its like doing a particularly complicated Add Maths question and finally
obtaining the correct answer haha*LOL the only analogy that I could come up with.

Challenges in our life is kinda like a symbol. A symbol which proves that you're
a normal human, going through a normal life. Without challenges, life would be just
'life', without any significant happenings. The challenges that we managed to
overcome is what made us as we are now.

Take a short look around. Think about it. Without all the challenges in our life, the
things around us now would probably be wholly different. It actually defines who
you are, as a person. Be grateful and value your life.

Don't let the challenges beat you easily. If you go down, you must go down trying.
But if you realise, we were never easily beaten by challenges were we? Cuz its
what we are, Humans. Born for a reason. Also remember that whenever you're
feeling down or giving up, look around closely and you'll realise that actually there
are many people supporting you throughout your life, these people are whom we
call Friends & Family :).