Monday, 27 July 2015

Have What it Takes to be A University Graduate?


Do You Have What It Takes To Be A University Graduate?

Was a question asked to me by my English lecturer recently. It kinda knocked my mind a bit actually hha. It made many more questions popped up in my head. Questions like "Am I actually ready for University life?", "Am I ready to live on my own at the United States?", "Do I actually qualify to be given the chance to study at the US?" and finally the main question itself, Do I Have What it Takes To Be A University Graduate?

I know before I answer the main question above, I would have to answer all the questions that had came up in my head first or else my mind wouldn't be at peace*LOL but seriously hha*. These questions I believe, actually are in everyone's mind but are kept at the furthest most place in their minds. After sometime, I believe I finally have the answers for all those questions. It took quite sometime you know, to convince myself. To convince myself of my own answers, my own resolve.

So here goes, for the question "Am I actually ready for University life?", My answer would be, Yes. Simply because I really believe I can manage myself properly when I'm in university. 5 years of boarding school life had taught me more than enough experience on how to survive without my parents constantly by my side. The valuable experiences I gained throughout those years are the most important part of me that helped to ready myself for tertiary education life.

Next, for the question "Am I ready to live on my own at the United States?". My answer is Yes. Yes I'm ready. We will never actually live on our own actually :). I was quite scared*cuak kot* at first. To think that I would be living all alone over there*The United States* by myself. Then I took a look at my friends, and I know by then that I will never be alone. I am never alone, there would be friends who will help me over there. Friends that I could count on, just like in the MRSM's and KKTM and all throughout my life. I always found a person that I could really count on, to be by my side whenever I'm in need.

Count on my friends

Furthermore, "Do I qualify to be given the chance to study in the US?". Another Yes. I believe that I had given my all throughout my life and I deserve to be in this MARA ADP Program. All my efforts and the way I had overcame all the challenges in my life up untill this point, I can say that I do qualify to be given this rare chance. Eventhough there were ups and downs, I never really gave up and kept on striving*Believe me it was not all flowers in my life peeps*. I will always find a way to solve the problems that I encounter. That is why to me, anyone who never gave up are the ones who qualify for everything. It's not the results that counts, It's the effort.

Finally, for the main question "Do I have What It Takes to be A University Graduate?", the answer is Yes. The answers for the other questions above explains it all. I have a really strong resolve. I have friends and people whom I could truly count on including myself. I never gave up through out my life, never backed down from challenges. That is why I have the believe, I believe that I Do Have What It Takes to be A University Graduate. Because in my opinion, the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Even if it seems impossible, Believe in yourself, Believe in Allah. InsyaAllah you will overcome all those challenges in your life.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Value of Gratefulness


Things have been playing in my thoughts. As humans, we should really be grateful with what we have. Instead of counting our miseries, we should be counting our gifts. It occured to me that some people*including me sometimes* kept whining whenever bad things happened. Actually, we need and we must be grateful with what we have.

During the recent Raya celebrations, I visited my uncle who was involved in an accident. He broke his calf*both of the bones* and hurt his backbone. He was crippled cuz everytime he wants to move he will feel unbearable pain. It was sad, cuz my uncle is actually a very cheerful person. He likes to make silly jokes and is also the one who always sponsor the firecrackers whenever its Raya season. Unfortunately for him this year, he had to celebrate Raya on his bed...

Furthermore, Raya this year is also the first Raya ever without Wan Long*Wan's eldest sister. It felt different this year without her sometimes funny but tender advices. I remembered earlier this year, She adviced me to never bring home a foreign woman, it was after she learnt that I was accepted into a MARA program to further studies in the US. What made me sad was my thoughts for Tok Long. He does not want to live away from their old house eventhough he is living alone now. I guess the house reminded him of his late wife alot, therefore making the decision to stay there.

Both of the event above made me realise how lucky we are actually to be able to celebrate Raya along with our family. We should cherish our family members instead of arguing with them over silly things. Before we whine, think about all that we have. I believe, you will actually realise that you are luckier and is in a better situation that you thought you were. I remembered being sad about my knee and I whined about not being able to play most sports. 

A person reminded me that at least, I can walk and move around freely while most of the disabled people especially the crippled ones cannot even make even a small movement. That went deep. I realised that I'm actually a very lucky person and instead of whining, I should be grateful with what I have. That person will always have my gratitude :). 

So peeps, remember. If you think you're unlucky, there will always be people who are facing worse situation compared to you. Therefore Chin Up, Be Strong and Keep On Finding and Trying ways to overcome the walls and limitations in your life. InsyaAllah, its never too late for anything :).

Sunday, 19 July 2015



The kids were running all around the house. Eventhough I'm significantly older, I know that I don't have any power to stop them. The atmosphere was hectic, kinda chaotic too*Exageratingg here* There was no stopping these kids. I know, trust me I know. Every year, its like this. Both at kampung Ayah n Kampung Mak. The situation is quite the same each year haha. Somehow being the oldest grandchild in the family*in both sides*, it tests your patience and abilities alot more.

The next cousin younger than me is in Form2*belah ayah je* excluding my own siblings. In my mother's side of the family, the next one younger than me is Standard 3. Imagine my situation during Raya. I had to live and get along with kids all Raya long. Mind you, I dont hate kids. Its just that sometimes I feel kinda lonely not having any peers to talk and converse with. Well, I dont blame anyone lah about this. Its Allah's will. I know there will be something good underlying this. Infact, I quite enjoyed my Raya this year hehe*Yes, with all the kidsss*

My situation, it happened because My father's sister, the one next after him, conceived late and only after a few years, that they were gifted a daughter*which is a decade younger than me hha*. While in my mother's side, her sister married a bit late and therefore didn't have any child also until recently*6 years old now her first daughter*. So it made me, and my sister the oldest grandchildren in both families.

This situation molded me into someone who really cares for my friends*I believe*. I really look at my peers as family. "This guy as the brother who like to Dakwah people, while the other guy as the brother who likes to make fun of others"."This girl as the sister who talks alot and the other girl is the sister who is very secretive". My friends, are people who I could really be myself with. Peeps, the one you know throughout this years. Yep, thats the real me. Got nothing to hide haha.

Somehow, not having any peers in the family, made me appreciate my friends more. I really treasure them as the one who I could have fun with, whom I could rely on :D. I admit, sometimes I over react and over concern and I'm sorry for that. It really hurts when sometimes I'm ignored*eventhough you peeps were joking or deliberately doing it ngehh*. I felt like I'm not needed... haha lol what childish thinking. I think I have the phobia of scared of being ignored. Ok, whatever la adlannn.

Anyways, This year, 2015. I really enjoyed it up till now*the day I wrote this*. Yes, its not all rainbow and flowers, bad things happened too, but somehow I know that at the end, everything is going to turn out fine :). I'm really sorry for all of my wrongdoings peeps and families. Do forgive me, and if anything, just pm me okayyy. Also to my family, Its been quite the Raya celebration hhee. Thank you for making my last Raya in Malaysia memorable. To both Peeps and Family, thank you for all the Treasures you have left me with :). Selamat Hari Raya to everyone.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Goodnight Ramadhan


Approximately 10 minutes after breaking fast, the sounds of firecrackers could be heard all around the kampung. Instantly I realised, the Ramadhan this year had gone by. It felt short, The Ramadhan this year. It felt like just recently we had began the holy fasting month. Time surely went by fast when you are busy with things.

Eventhough it felt short, it was meaningful though The Ramadhan this year. Other than the fact that it was my first Ramadhan as a college student, things happened. Really important ones too. Life really had taken quite a turn with both the results of TOEFL and SAT being announced during Ramadhan.
All praises to Allah, I managed to pass both of it.

Some people managed while some didn't. I know I have no right to say anything, but to the ones who did not managed the TOEFL on your first try, please don't give up. There's still time to improve and with the help of the lecturers and friends, I believe all of us can make it, to the US InsyaAllah. Believe in Him, Believe in Yourself, Don't Giveup and Keep Striving.

Aside the TOEFL and SAT, there's also several other life changing events that had happened. Some are good, others bad. I believe, you people also experienced things yourself right throughout Ramadhan this time?. Its up to you on how you want to take in the events that had happened. We should train our minds to see the good in everything that has happened in our lives.

I am sure there's actually a positive side to everything that had happened. As for me, it was really meaningful. Ramadhan this time really had taught me important things. What I'm hoping is that everything that has happened will eventually turn out alright in the end. All in all, it has been a really meaningful and wonderful month all the way. So that's it, my last Ramadhan in Malaysia before God knows what's going to happen. Goodnight Ramadhan, may Allah allow me meet you again next year InsyaAllah :).

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Priceless Love


It was a hot afternoon. I had just arrived at TBS about half-an hour ago*at the time the event happened* from KKTM Ledang by bus. I knew I had to come up with something to do since we arrived early around 2.30 pm but ayah could only come and pick me up at 6pm. So we*KJ n me* decided to take a trip to the MidValley Mega Mall.

The train, was packed*literally*. It wasn't on rush hour, but the number of people in there was definitely like one. I had to squeeze myself inside as to get a ride to the MidValley KTM station. Eventually, I managed to get hold of a pole near the exit of the train as to balance myself. That itself helped me to calm down. I was barely surviving when suddenly I heard a cry from behind.

I turned around and I saw a young couple of husband and wife with their children. The children, on my assumption, one was barely two-years-old. The other, his younger brother I presumed, was barely a year-old. The cry came out of the younger one. He was being hold by his father and while crying, holds out his hands to his mother. His mother, was actually carrying his older brother*You really should imagine the situation*

What the parents did after that was to exchange whom they were carrying and the younger brother stopped crying*Seems like little brother preferred their mother lah*. What I didn't mention before was that the father actually has his hands full holding bags but still somehow, managed to exchange without letting go any of the bags or the children. Within the packed train, it was kinda like a miracle that they managed to do it safely.

What I was amazed by was that the father was holding two heavy looking bags but still somehow managed the process. Then, came the older child. This one, was quite talkative and kept on asking questions*in a baby-ish way*. I observed that the father never fell tired answering the questions. I can see how he was trying his best to cope with the situation, with the heavy bags, the heavier child. Then there's also the questions he had to answer.

My heart felt warm when I saw the smiles of the children. To see the father, doing his best eventhough there were heavy challenges, trying to keep his children happy and smiling really touched my heart. Eventhough he was facing major discomfort with the bags and the tiny space in the train, he managed to successfully keep his children in a very cheerful mood. Infront of my own eyes, I can see the hardship that they went through to exchange the siblings but somehow they managed it successfully too.

I knew by then that what I saw or experienced just now was fatherly love. My dad always said that being a father was never an easy job, You would have to look after the well-being of your wife and children without neglecting your own personal needs. Most of the time, you would have to make sacrifices for the better of your loved ones. I can relate that to the above situation as the father tried his best to keep both of his children happy.


To all of you who still have your fathers, do appreciate them. All fathers actually wants the best for their children and they will try their hardest to help achieve it. Being a father actually means a gigantic responsibility, which if you disobey, be prepared to feel the Wrath of Allah. A father, has the duty to lead his family towards Jannah.

One day, all of us will have the experience of being a father or mother sooner or later, By then, you will finally truly understand the actual value of this Priceless Love, given by The Creator, Allah.
*To the guys out there, please dont play with feelings of women you encounter. Women are fragile at times but if you care for them truly, they can become the strongest supporting person for a man.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ohana Means Family


Here I am again today, letting my thoughts flow through... It seems like just recently that I had stepped foot in KKTM Ledang. The day I went for the interview, I can recall clearly since it deliberately made changes to our holiday plans. Then, theres also the 13th of January, where after successfully going through the interview I registered there under a MARA programme.

What I couldn't correctly recall was how I ended up being Class Rep hha. I'm sure it was something that I could laugh about but awkwardly, I really can't remember LOL. For me, time surely went by fast this year, especially after I was admitted into college. I met many kinds of people, made new friends, new people that I could trust.

Somehow, being the Class Rep changed me I think. I'm thinking more of other people and lesser of myself. No longer the days where I would only think of being the best in class, trying to outsmart everybody. Now whenever theres free time, I would be thinking of whats best for the class to improve as a whole. Those people who I had barely knew for more than 7 months, I really look at them as my family now, people who I really care for. Also, Eventhough there're several extra work that I had to do, I really did enjoy the experience.

I'm hoping to keep a promise that I made with them. "Nobody gets left behind" is what I'm holding on to now. To be honest, I was really sad when I learnt that some are considering giving up and will probably not be repeating the TOEFL exams. I felt horrible. I kept asking myself, was it my fault that they didn't pass the test? Where did it went wrong? These questions still lingers in my head up until now*Peeps if you're reading this, I beg you guys please. Please don't give up. Many are willing to help, I'm willing to help. So please, do give it one more try...
I know it will all come to an end shortly, this short experience in Ledang. We've got less than 4 months left. Everyone will be going their own separate ways after the end of MADPP program. To my classmates*Group E, no matter what happens after this, no matter what your choices are, I'll respect and acknowledge it. All I want is that for each and every one of you peeps to live your lives to the fullest. Don't ever let anything drag you down and if something does drag you down, always find a reason to bounce back alright?.

All in all, good luck and all the best peeps. It was fun, this several months. I really enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you. I beg forgiveness for all of my wrong doings, from the first time we meet up until now and in the future. May Allah bless all of us. I hope we'll still be in each others lives even after aging all those future years InsyaAllah. Ouh and one last thing peeps before I end this entry, I Love You All LillahiTa'ala. Lets do our best during these remaining times here.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Forgotten Beauty


Hey there! This morning(The day I wrote this) was quite a day. It kickstarted*ngehh* with me coming late to class and having to stay outside the classroom for about 30 minutes*Thank God I have a kinda good reason for being late tho. It affected my mood and well, hermmm... Well, *nak buat mcm mana kan* It was my fault to begin with.

Whenever I'm troubled by something, my habit to overcome it is by looking around, trying to notice the nature around me. I don't usually share my problems with people even with my loved ones *I never know why but I rarely do. Sometimes, it kept bothering until at some point where I would start to blame things on myself and became miserable all-day long*macam gegirl kann haha* but I believe most people wouldn't notice cuz I'm pretty good at hiding my emotions or what I'm thinking of*acah.

I really appreciate nature even the smallest things because somehow it always helps to cool my head off. Some people always overlook the smallest things but even the smallest things are worth to have a look at. You see, actually we don't need the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls to really appreciate the beauty of nature. Even the slightest things, if you look close enough, are beautiful.

The Flower next to the KKTM Ledang surau :)
All we need to do is actually to truly open our eyes and notice our surroundings. I believe Allah created everything perfectly to fit its surroundings. Therefore peeps, don't miss the chance to have a look at His fine creations. Its all around us really hhe. All you need to do is notice :). By looking around, it really helps to sooth my mind. Somehow it reminds me that whatever we're going through, thick or thin, He will always be there beside us.

Afternoon Ledang Sky #NoFilter
I'm not saying that we shouldn't be excited when we're at the bigger sceneries such as The Grand Canyon. What I'm trying to point out is that we should also notice and appreciate those small things around us haha. I'm sure that that most of you have your own favourite sceneries around the world right? Well I've got mine too, and its from a local place in Malaysia. Theres two actually. But I prefer this one more XD.

Panorama view from the top of Penang Hill :D. My Favourite 
The sky, its so blue and at that time I was like "WOW!". Completely mesmerised by the view, I managed to capture a few photos but I think this one is the best xD. It gives off the 'On Top Of The World' feeling you know hhee. All the buildings under the sky made it more beautiful :).

The next one is from on top of Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi.

Gives off a more natural feeling
Took the photo above during my last visit to Langkawi. I remembered feeling anxious*gayat weyhh*. The wind was strong and I felt like I could be blown of the platform anytime ahaha*Exagerating*. When you reach the top yourself, you'll know how it feels :). rasa macam 'Cantiknyaa!!'

Somewhere during dawn around Penang
Mind you I took all of the above using only the camera of my phone about 10MP. You should really look around and enjoy the nature more. It's sad how most people could miss all the beauty around them. Open your eyes peeps. Observe the nature. You'll definitely feel better after spending some time appreciating The Forgotten Beauty. Believe me, I know :). 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ramadhan Al-Kareem

Assalamualaikum pipols,
Today its the 17th of Ramadhan. Time surely flies when ur busy with something. Hows ur Ramadhan this year? Is it better than last year? My Ramadhan this year is packed with Examination hha.

Before Ramadhan, I had to prepare for my SAT Test. After that, I had to focus for my TOEFL Exams. Fortunately, both of them are now in the past and am now waiting for the results. InsyaAllah, would be flying to the US either at the end of this year or early next year.

I'm hoping to get the best of Ramadhan this year since its the last one before leaving Malaysia. Ramadhan this year for me*setakat ni* its quite a challenge since its my first time Fasting in a college*where all the food I have to buy by myself*. I had to calculate carefully or else wouldnt have anything to eat at the end before Raya hha.

Ramadhan is the time when we should focus more on our spiritual values since it is full of Barakah. We should fill our times by doing good deeds rather than time wasting activities. For me, Ramadhan this year is really meaningful. I had to learn more self control*literally* as it is my first Ramadhan not as a boarding school student XD.

Helped Madam Aliah to clean her new house :D
Also after Ramadhan, Madam Aliah will move into her new house near the college. We lend her a helping hand*we're free anyways that evening* and in return she sent us to the bazaar Ramadhan*a really big help since none of us have any licensce yet hha. She also gave us some money for us to buy food for Iftar*Thank You Madam :D.

Ramadhan, its not all about good food n stuff. The way I see it, the important thing is how u spend ur Ramadhan. Either with good things or lesser things. It would be a waste to spend Ramadhan just like any other month since Allah has promised great things to those who really appreciate Ramadhan the real way. Not to mention there's also the Lailatul Qadr night, where our prayers will surely be granted by Allah S.W.T.

So peeps, theres about two weeks left of Ramadhan this year. Spend it Wisely :)