Wednesday, 28 October 2015



The other day, I became a witness to a 'fight' between children. It's not a big one, so rest assured, no one got hurt haha. The fight was between two sisters, who I believe were arguing on which is a better colour, Purple or Red. I didn't stayed long enough to see the outcome, but the event made me think. Think about all the differences between us humans

Sometimes, people argue and complain about the difference they have compared to other people.

"Why can't he be more like me?"

"Why can't she behave just like me?"

Well, to be honest, you're not the only one. Myself too, sometimes questions these nonsensical questions. The difference between each and everyone of us, I believe, is actually a gift. Just imagine, a world where everything is the same. A world with no variety..., A world with only one color.

That my friend, would be horribly creepy. Everyone will look the same, doing the same things, over and over again, for everyday of their lives. Literally gives me the shivers just imagining it -.-'.

Differences, should be appreciated*In a positive way ofcourse*. It is what made our lives colorful and unique. Say in a football team, it won't work if everyone's a Defender right? Also, it doesn't if everyone's a Striker. A good team is made of a variety of excellent players. They can't depend on one type of player. Instead, they need to have 'harmony' between 11 players who each have their own positions and roles.

A perfect team is one which have achieve great understanding between different players, which in return, will allow the team to achieve awesome results. The same goes with our lives, all those differences we had experienced before, is what made our lives as it is today. The differences actually completes us as a human being.

Therefore guys, less complaining and more appreciating alright? :)

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