Sunday, 27 November 2016

of Ramadhan, Arcade and Half-Squat

I remembered TGB for many things, awesome teachers, awesome classmates. It's also the place where I learnt to play VolleyBall.
Out of all, one thing I'll remember till death, that 'hukuman' we got cuz someone saw us main arked before buka puasa outside the school.
I remembered returning to my dorm with a really full stomach*makan seoul garden buffet meh*. I was halfway into my kain plekat*ask the boys of block D they know its my fav outfit dalam asrama*
I had done everything, hw done, berus gigi done, kunci loker also done. All that's left is for me to get into my kplekat n lie down to dreamland.
N then it happened, with his voice, cikgu Radzi called us through the PA system. Dang I tell you tbh I was like weyy nak tido dah but yeah what can I do cikgu panggil.
Reluctantly but quickly*you dont want to be late when cikgu panggil through his PA system* I grabbed my nearest sweatpants put em on n rushed to the scene.
On the way, I met up with Fahim Azzam Zaid Zaihirain Nazif Yusof. The others are already on site.
When all of us finally arrived, cikgu ordered us to stand in line.
"Gopal, korg tau x kenapa saya panggil ni?
Apa korg buat tadi?"
"Buat apa cikgu?"
"Ala, jangan buat2 x ingt. Tadi sebelum berbuka puasa tu"
Apparently a teacher saw us at the arcade. And unluckily, the person reported it to our head of wardens.
"Sekarang saya nak kamu duduk steng*im not sure how it's spelled but cikgu ordered us to do half squat position*
"Malam ni, alam akan mengajar kamu"
He then asked us to hold big handful stones in both hands while also doing the halfsquat.
"Sambil tu, cuba kamu semua lakon kan balik macam mana kamu main tadi"
And we tried our best imagining both a gearbox and steering 😂😂😂
"Gopal, saya ada suruh keluar bunyi ke?"
So to kinda make it real I accidentally imitated the sounds as well,n boy how the others were pissed off takut the sounds mengundang kemarahan cikgu hha.
Im not sure what was the time when he finally allow us to return to our beds, but I do remember all of us terkangkang-kangkang balik sebab semua sakit peha lepas entah berapa lama half squat haha.
This happened 2 years ago, bila jumpa dengan classmate mesti teringat balik hahaha. N I believe all of us will remember this story for more years to come 😊
Saya ambil kesempatan ini utk mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua warga MRSM TGB. All of you played an important in helping me to stand where I am now. I'll be forever grateful for that, thank you.

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