Sunday, 22 November 2015



"Guys, list dah keluar!!", which literally means 'The list have been released' in Malay.

I was chatting with my friends when the news came by. Utterly shocked*and excited*, I immediately checked my inbox for any emails. There it was, the list that I've been waiting for such a long time,  the list of Universities I am offered to.

It arrived*or actually I read it* at exactly 11.58 at night last Tuesday. I was given 4 great choices but the problem is, I have to decide before 10 in the morning that Friday. We were shocked, and everyone got into 'discussion' mode. You're given about 2 days to decide the next 4 years of your life.

What could possibly go wrong? ~EVERYTHING!!

Luckily though, we have the Internet, and by Wednesday night I have contacted seniors from almost each institution. After much questioning and answering, I made up my mind*which I later changed*. Each of us were given different options. Some got 2 choices, while others got 3-5.

  1. Michigan State University
  2. Ohio State University
  3. University of Illinois-Chicago
  4. University of Iowa

Above were mine, so here goes the research...

During my school days, I once had a dream of living in Chicago*and still am dreaming of it. So the third choice would definitely fulfill that nonsensical dream of mine. I still have that dream of living the leisure life in Chicago though. Then, my 4th choice offers me a 8000 USD scholarship throughout my 4 years over there which means about 2,000 per year. That's a lot of money*really attracting.

But after research by research, I'm left with 2 choices. Its either Michigan or Ohio. By Wednesday evening, my mind was leaning towards Michigan. I was sure I've got that right. I was sure there would be no changing my decision. Then came the sudden wave and I'm looking forward to Ohio.

Somehow after doing further research, I'm convinced that OhioSU would be the best choice for me*Also did Istikharah*. Apart from the number of Malaysians there, the University's website really convinced me to attend OSU. InsyaaAllah, its the best for me. So, Ohio it is then..


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