Thursday, 5 November 2015



Several days ago, someone I never knew suddenly asked me a question.

The question goes like this, "Who is Allah?"

Apparently, the one who's asking is a Christian believer.

It happened so suddenly that I was kinda at lost of words at first. Then, I tried my best to explain towards him about who Allah is. Our conversation went on about who God is. I knew I had to be careful with my choice of words and answers. I really don't want to sound offensive back then. Eventually, the conversation ended in a 'cliffhanger' after an intervention from some friends of mine.

The experience was a new one for me. Truthfully, I am kinda happy that he asked me about it though. Because it actually shows that he has that interest towards Islam and maybe one day, his heart will embrace Islam of his own free will.

What I'm actually disappointed in is that the reaction of some people towards that person. When the conversation was going on, a number of my friends be like "Hey, who is that guy? Do you know him?"*In a hostile way*.I really don't think there's any wrong if a non-muslim wants to ask these kind questions. Instead, People like him, should be treated with more respect rather than being 'bashed' for asking that kind of questions.

We should actually help to explain more about Islam, as to increase their true understanding of our religion. Nor do we know, that person may one day become a better muslim than we ever were before.

As muslims, we not only have obligations towards ourselves but we also act as an emissary for our religion. People are judgemental. Our attitude, our behavior play an important role in 'promoting' our religion towards the non-mulims.

So peeps, let us be the best muslim we can be shall we?

"Hidayah itu milik Allah"

"Allah's Guidance is His"

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