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A Life of Sacrifices


Recently this year, the manga Naruto ended its 18 years run along with the 'tears' of millions of fans. Naruto is a story about a boy*Naruto, who dreams of becoming the Hokage*The greatest ninja in his village* one day.

All the life moral values that were shown in Naruto successfully made it a fan favorite*Also my all-time favorite manga xD*. For me, I really think it was a success what Masashi Kishimoto wanted to relay to all of us. One of my favorite character in Naruto is Itachi Uchiha.

In part 1, Itachi is known mainly as the mysterious brother to Sasuke Uchiha who eliminated the whole Uchiha Clan*leaving Sasuke as the last Uchiha in the vilage*. And there's Sasuke going on and on in getting revenge for his whole clan. Sasuke's whole childhood was motivated in achieving more power solely for revenge on his brother.

Itachi, after eliminating the whole clan, went on to become a missing-nin of Konoha and later joined Akatsuki*a criminal ninja organization who are collecting Tailed-Beasts. Itachi first appeared in part 1 alongside his partner, Kisame, in their hunt for Kyubi the nine-tailed fox who resides in Naruto.

Itachi in Akatsuki cloak
A part of ANBU before he went missing, no wonder he was classified as an S-Rank missing-nin. Only the most powerful of ninja's are classified as S-Rank. His abilities are way beyond your average ninja ande Itachi was even considered as a child prodigy before the 'tragedy'.Sasuke, who seeks power to defeat Itachi, even made Orochimaru as his ally for the sake of power.

On to Itachi's story...

Known to fans as the one whom Sasuke seek revenge on, poeple perceived him as a bad guy. Well, we're in for a shocking truth behind Itachi's action.

It was long after his death, at the hands of Sasuke, that the whole truth was revealed. In the death match between brothers, after blow by blow, Itachi seemingly died after exhausting himself in the fight, but fans were in for a surprise.

Thanks to Bihaa fr teaching me to use GIF :D

Before he died, Itachi managed to poke Sasuke's forehead one last time before he dies. Itachi used to poke Sasuke's forehead as to show brotherly love whenever he can't spend time with Sasuke back when they were younger. 

"Brother! Brother!"
Sorry Sasuke*pokes Sasuke's forehead*, maybe some other time

"Brother! Brother!"
Sorry Sasuke*pokes Sasuke's forehead*, maybe some other time

Last one

**"Itachi resumes his approach, telling Sasuke his resolution to now take his eyes, and Sasuke makes futile attempts to keep him away. Susanoo continues to protect Itachi, but it degrades as he labors near and Itachi starts coughing up blood. When he finally reaches Sasuke, Itachi appears to grab for his eyes but instead only pokes his forehead. (The poke seals Amaterasu*one of his powers* in Sasuke's eyes, set to activate against Tobi's Sharingan in order to protect Sasuke from him.) Itachi apologises to Sasuke and says this is the end before succumbing to his disease and falling dead smiling."

*pokes Sasuke's forehead*, sorry Sasuke but this is it...

Itachi's Last Words
Later it was revealed, Itachi had long been battling against a mysterious illness and had only been succesful in furthering his life span with the help of pills. His intentions were solely to die by his brother's 'hand' and make Sasuke be seen as the hero who successfully gets revenged on a villain.

And all this time we thought he was the ultimate bad guy~

Back then, the Uchiha Clan were actually planning an inevitable coup d'etat against Konoha. Danzo*one of Konoha's higher ups offered Itachi two choices
  • Join/support the coup and get killed along with everyone of the Uchiha Clan.
  • Kill everyone in the Uchiha Clan and his younger brother, Sasuke, will be spared.
Thus, Itachi chose the latter...

Due to the love for Konoha and his brother~

The real purpose of the battle against Sasuke was also actually to draw out Orochimaru*whom resides in Sasuke* and seal him once and for all using the Totsuka Blade. Though at the end of Naruto, Orochimaru somehow survives and became a 'good' guy.
Itachi cries before killing his parents

Itachi knows his father*The Head of the Uchiha Clan* would never comply and cancel the coup. Taking drastic measures Itachi accepts Danzo's mission. He then went missing and later joins Akatsuki*also actually as a spy for Konoha*.

The whole truth was finally revealed to Sasuke by Itachi himself*after being resurrected by Kabuto*. 
Itachi revealed the truth to Sasuke after both of them stopped Kabuto's Resurrection Jutsu*which also resurrected Itachi*. Sasuke, knowing the truth, was hell bent on destroying Konoha but later ultimately decides to protect what his brother fought to protect most, their beloved village, Konohagakure.

Itachi last farewell with Sasuke
Itachi was willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves. He also went distances to protect his beloved Konoha. All of that, and the only thing he ever regretted was not telling Sasuke the problems he was facing back then...

He's a really strong guy isn't he?
~ A strong character whom we can all learn from. :)

**Using the Mangekyou Sharingan has its toll on the user's eye, in which he/she will slowly turn blind. Therefore there's a 'legend' if a person took his brother's eye, he will obtain the Ever-Lasting Mangekyou Sharingan.

P.S : I really reccomend Naruto to all of you out there who's looking for reltively The Greatest Story of all time xD. It's full of emotions, literally :)

P.P.S : I cried several times while reading Naruto hha xD. Seriously peeps, its a good read!.

Here's a link to the chapter when Itachi revealed eveerything to Sasuke : Naruto 590

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