Saturday, 19 December 2015

Malaysia, Sehati Sejiwa

I left thinking how lucky I was, to be able to meet those guys.

Truth be told, I wasn't that excited about it at first. Being 'ordered' to attend a camp at who knows where isn't that appealing to me. The only reason I brought myself to the camp was because it's one of the compulsory requirement for me to further my studies in the US.

I expected the camp to be super boring and a kind of mind-turning type of camp, but guess what? I was wrong. Shockingly too.

The first two days were alright. We listened to talks and I got to spend a lot of time with my friends of the MADPP*yea all of us were in the same dorm. But the unexpected fun started at the end of Day 2 actually xD.

 That night, all of the participants were divided accordingly into groups*after a very exciting, shoe changing ice breaking**and I thought I was the only one with a size 11 foot, guess I'm wrong again hha. In groups of 12, I was given the opportunity to befriends with the peeps from INTEC who are in the Korea-Engineering program*the majority there.

I was reluctant at first since there were so many of INTEC and so little of us MADPP. I'm even afraid of being singled out in activities and all*LOL*. Again, I was wrong. The guys were friendly as heck sometimes I even felt like I was one of them.

I was also given the chance to truly mingle with non-Malays for the first time in 6 years. Since I was MRSM-schooled, I rarely more like never talk nor socialize with other races*Since most MRSM are open only to Bumiputras . Reluctant at first, the next morning I was more excited than ever. Throughout the camp, I managed to befriend a Kadazandusun, an Iban, an Indian*the only Indian in our dorm, Yea Long Live Rooban!* and also several Chinese #AchievementUnlocked.

Woohoo Group 9

The vibes that were given off by the INTEC students really impressed me. For me, it felt like I finally found a part of life that I have been missing out on all this time. All those years I had spent in the MRSM system, the Malays*not all* I knew were afraid to speak out or to voice out their opinions. Or when someone does, he or she would be laughed at. Some Malays who pushed that aside went on to become awesome people*One I could name is Ahmad Imran Idzqandar**jangan kembang pls. Others just faltered eventhough they do have great ideas in their minds.

But not with the INTEC students though. From the 5 days I had spent with them, they kinda breathe a new hope into my life. A hope where I can live and give without being laughed at or made fun of. The peeps were really supportive whenever one of their friends spoke up. Not even once did they embarrass anyone who voiced out and shared his/her perspective on an issue.

It felt great getting along with them. Although we were of different races, I felt at home. What I obtained from BTN, there's one thing all of us have to protect with our lives. They did their best and gave their all to obtain it years and years ago. I guess in several years it will be our turn, to protect and serve, to defend while also to raise.

Our beloved Malaysia,

Stand United Malaysians!! :)

**Jangan kembang okay guys. But yeah, you peeps were awesome xD

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