Sunday, 24 January 2016

You Choose

Truth be told, I hate it when certain people said,

"You're a university student, that should be a piece of cake"
"Alaa, kau budak uni. Senang ah tu"

Though some people may have forgotten, we're still the same person whom 'fought' along you against SPM for two whole years. And we're still the same people whom you spent 5~2 years with. The only thing that kinda 'separated' us was the scores of the 'ultimate' SAT examinations, and that doesn't really mean much actually.

The double standards that certain people had unconsciously created, it's not supposed to be there. It's a new year, a new lease of life, and to tell the truth, we have our own struggles too. "Kau budak Uni" shouldn't be used as a ticket for you to dismiss our problems as if it's nothing. I realize some of us have experienced failures before, and you might feel it's alright to say that but seriously, don't.

Each of us have new sets of challenges ahead, so it's not alright to dismiss our friends, especially when they come to us with problems in their minds. Even I myself must admit, I'm struggling with certain things here in Ohio. I will try my best though against this challenge. I won't know until I try right?

What's in the past, stays in the past. Take it as a lesson and improve in the future.

To start on a fresh page or on a torn one? You choose. 


A new page

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