Saturday, 30 January 2016


"Hey Tony, how do you find the acceleration of the marble?"

"Hey John, how did you find the velocity of the jet?"

Those were the questions I 'braved' myself to ask during this week's Physics Lab session. The first two weeks were horrible. I was badly left behind, with literally geniuses as my groupmates, being afraid/shy to ask didn't help at all. It was earlier this week that I decided a change was needed.

So I did my 'homework', looking up the lab worksheet and lab experiment in advance before the actual Lab session. And to my amazement*did I use the word right?*, it worked! By the time the real experiment underwent, I had*at least* a rough idea on what it actually wants and what I need to do after.

This time, I also actually asked rather than 'usha'-ing around looking for answers. And I asked for help whenever I was stuck, instead of being 'malu/bodohsombong and x dpt pape' shy and quiet. I don't want to be a hindrance to the group. I felt guilty whenever I am.

And they were glad to help whenever I can't solve a problem, you don't need to be shy. It's a part of learning. Though you still have to do some revision before coming to class, it's totally worth it. Trust me :).

Happy Learning,


~Whether to be left behind or to ride along? You have the power to decide

Finished Lab3 early :D

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