Wednesday, 5 August 2015

When It Gets Hard


I woke up, my head felt heavy. I tried to walk, each step I took felt like it needed all the strength I have. The pain was tremendous, unbearable. I thought to myself, "when was the last time I felt sick like this? Its been a while I guess". With that, I consumed the last of Shafeeq's panadols. After all that, the pain was still there though. It did sink for a while after a night's sleep, but returned after about an hour after I woke up. I lie on my bed waiting for it to subside, eventually I stood up and decided in my mind that I needed to study maths*Got Math quiz that night.

I mustered what strength that I have left, picked up my stuffs and moved towards Zack's room. When I finally reached there after what feels like a really long walk, I greeted the peeps and took a seat on the floor and flipped open my maths book. By Asar, all I really managed through the pain were two questions, one using the Washer Method and the other Shell Method*Took quite the time for me to understand both under Sheikh's and Zack's tutoring. Somehow, after all the Maths tutoring and a bit of laughs*which I tried hard not to since I feel pain whenever I laugh*, I felt a lot better.

I noticed that these guys, were one of the reasons that made me feel better. Somehow I felt secured and a bit of  relief after talking to them. The pain somehow lessen when I'm with people that I trust, people that I look out for. The concerns from my friends also helped alot. It helped me to stay positive mentally. With it, comes the belief that there are people whom I could really count on, people who cared for me :). I thank you for that.

I realised that whenever I'm feeling a sick or depressed, I was never alone. I know that there will always be people whom I could count on, people whom I can borrow their ears, their shoulders. What we need is to realise and to notice, are all those beside us. People who will stand their ground beside you, destined to help whenever you are in need. I'm not exaggerating peeps, you just need to realise that they are there. Share it, your burden. Don't ever lift it alone. That's why your friends and families are there, to help you through thick and thin. And if you really do find yourself alone*which I doubt you actually will*, be patient peeps. Because you will never ever be alone, Allah is always by your side.


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