Monday, 27 July 2015

Have What it Takes to be A University Graduate?


Do You Have What It Takes To Be A University Graduate?

Was a question asked to me by my English lecturer recently. It kinda knocked my mind a bit actually hha. It made many more questions popped up in my head. Questions like "Am I actually ready for University life?", "Am I ready to live on my own at the United States?", "Do I actually qualify to be given the chance to study at the US?" and finally the main question itself, Do I Have What it Takes To Be A University Graduate?

I know before I answer the main question above, I would have to answer all the questions that had came up in my head first or else my mind wouldn't be at peace*LOL but seriously hha*. These questions I believe, actually are in everyone's mind but are kept at the furthest most place in their minds. After sometime, I believe I finally have the answers for all those questions. It took quite sometime you know, to convince myself. To convince myself of my own answers, my own resolve.

So here goes, for the question "Am I actually ready for University life?", My answer would be, Yes. Simply because I really believe I can manage myself properly when I'm in university. 5 years of boarding school life had taught me more than enough experience on how to survive without my parents constantly by my side. The valuable experiences I gained throughout those years are the most important part of me that helped to ready myself for tertiary education life.

Next, for the question "Am I ready to live on my own at the United States?". My answer is Yes. Yes I'm ready. We will never actually live on our own actually :). I was quite scared*cuak kot* at first. To think that I would be living all alone over there*The United States* by myself. Then I took a look at my friends, and I know by then that I will never be alone. I am never alone, there would be friends who will help me over there. Friends that I could count on, just like in the MRSM's and KKTM and all throughout my life. I always found a person that I could really count on, to be by my side whenever I'm in need.

Count on my friends

Furthermore, "Do I qualify to be given the chance to study in the US?". Another Yes. I believe that I had given my all throughout my life and I deserve to be in this MARA ADP Program. All my efforts and the way I had overcame all the challenges in my life up untill this point, I can say that I do qualify to be given this rare chance. Eventhough there were ups and downs, I never really gave up and kept on striving*Believe me it was not all flowers in my life peeps*. I will always find a way to solve the problems that I encounter. That is why to me, anyone who never gave up are the ones who qualify for everything. It's not the results that counts, It's the effort.

Finally, for the main question "Do I have What It Takes to be A University Graduate?", the answer is Yes. The answers for the other questions above explains it all. I have a really strong resolve. I have friends and people whom I could truly count on including myself. I never gave up through out my life, never backed down from challenges. That is why I have the believe, I believe that I Do Have What It Takes to be A University Graduate. Because in my opinion, the most important thing is to believe in yourself. Even if it seems impossible, Believe in yourself, Believe in Allah. InsyaAllah you will overcome all those challenges in your life.


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