Thursday, 4 February 2016


Earlier today during one of the mass lecture, I saw someone who was deliberately playing with his gadget. While the professor was teaching, the guy was playing some kind of game without any focus on what's being taught upfront.

This really brings me back..

Back then, my teachers constantly remind us on how important 'berkat' is. Whether you're an accomplished student or a weak one, berkat or barakah is still the most important element. Especially from one who teaches you. It's necessary to have a good relationship with our teachers, as to gain the teacher's 'berkat' on what she/he has taught us.

And I agree.

I remembered seeing my friends back in school, back in college  whom play with their phones in class. Not that I am the one who bestows 'berkat' among people, but how do you expect to really understand what was being taught by the teacher when you're busy with your phones, your gadgets?

Furthermore as a Malaysian myself, I know that generally Malaysians get offended easily. You wouldn't want to get on a teacher's/lecturer's bad side. Though they do not show it, believe me that most of the time they know that 'you're not in the class at all'. On a personal level, I myself would feel*at least a bit* offended when someone I'm interacting with is busy with other things when I'm actually trying to relay something to them.

"And still you complain tak faham lah, kelas bosan lah. And bila dapat markah rendah, blame benda/orang lain"

Sometimes it's just the slightest of things, 'berkat' perhaps? Wallahualam. Try standing in the shoes of a teacher, and you will know what it feels like. Trust me, it's not a feeling you would want to have while teaching.

The best thing to do I believe is to 're-adjust' your niat before each and every class, that usually helps when I have to go through long and 'sleepy' classes. If you missed anything, take the initiative to meet up with your teachers or lecturers. They will be more than happy to help out. And if they caught you doing something your not supposed to in class*e.g. sleeping*, quickly apologize.

Apologizing won't hurt a fly, and believe me, you'll feel much better afterwards.

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