Thursday, 3 March 2016

Muslims Are Normal People

Islam is a religion. A Muslim refers to someone whose faith is of Islam, believing in a one and Almighty God. A common word that is constantly and unfairly being related to Islam and Muslims nowadays is terrorism. In this world, wherever and whenever there are terrorist acts, one way or another, someway and somehow it will always point to Muslims. The media will always find a way to relate it to ‘Muslim Terrorists’, giving a fearful impression of Muslims towards all of society.  Some politicians even used this issue as a way to rally their side and to gain more supporters. As a Muslim myself, I am not impressed and disappointed with how certain parts of the community unfairly judge Muslims in the world.
            It is important for everyone to know, that Muslims are also normal people who undergo normal lives. I want everyone to know that Islam is actually a religion which strongly promotes peace, love and unity. Muslims were taught to always love and be loved, respect and be respected, help and be helped. People also must know that all those acts of terrorism proudly being done and admitted by ‘Muslim Jihadist’ are strongly conflicting with what was taught by our Prophet and the Holy Quran. Never were we taught to hate and kill. Instead, we were nurtured to always be kind and respectful of others.
As students of a highly respected institution, it is essential for us to know the difference between Islam and Terrorism. Thanks to our educated environment, we see less hate messages in our daily lives. Despite that there are still people out there, who do not know or they themselves choose to judge Muslims badly. I want everyone to be aware that there is a fine line between a true Muslim and those who call themselves ‘Muslim Extremist’. A true Muslim will never ever promote violence and evil. Islamophobia, extreme fear and hate towards Muslims, should not be in our lives as Islam is actually a really gentle religion but it exists because those terrorist out there who claims to be Islam while doing horrible things. The media also never helps. The whole world need to know the true nature of Islam.
A point of view from this issue that I would like to include in the theatre piece is a way for the society to know more about the truth, to ‘open eyes’ and destroy all those double standards that was built towards Muslims. Islam and Muslims are not things that should be feared. People also need to realise the effects that are being experienced by Muslims in America due to prejudice towards Islam. Some Muslims are deeply traumatized while others struggle to live a normal life due to communities that judge them based on bad things that they did not even do. Innocent Muslims are being treated badly everywhere for things that they are not even involved in.

I imagine a theatre which could expose the audience with the true nature of Islam. A theatre which would depict the daily activities of a true Muslim. One which would also show the struggles in a life of a Muslim because of prejudice and hate that is not supposed to be directed on him. The prejudice and hate which is commonly played around by the media and politicians. The prejudice and hate which he or she never deserved.

Theatre Class Assignment, Social Change Paper

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