Thursday, 11 February 2016

Ups and Downs

Just as I'm finally able to truly make sense of what I'm learning in Physics*literally, then came the results of Calculus midterm. I had to admit, the pressure was immense. Most of my time was used to make sure I'm staying on track.

But to be honest, I'm kinda glad actually.

I took this as His way to ensure my feet is always running, on the ground. It was tiresome, with the meetings and all. But I don't mind*sometimes I do haha penat kot, because this ensures my primary niat coming to Columbus keeps going. Though sometimes I do complain, I felt silly whenever I think about what I'm actually complaining before.

Opening up does helps though. At first I was kinda reluctant. It wasn't easy as I expected*okay maybe I overestimated my self in this xD*. Working in groups helped me, a lot. I struggled at first, brainstorming words in my mind each time I talk with my classmates here. Also looking up Google Translate whenever I'm writing summaries or reports in a group.

Glad it didn't stopped me from talking though*hahaha.

I admit, sometimes I'll be at lost of words when I talk with the people here. And most of the time I'll have a Google Translate Tab opened up on my browser whenever I'm writing reports. But I'm coping with it. Slowly but surely.

All I did*and still doing* was try, try and try.

I believe anyone who goes to another country either to work or learn, will never really truly 'live' if they don't ever mingle with the locals. It's up to you yourself though, to decide.

I think I should be more grateful, given the chance to learn in a world class environment. This golden opportunity needs to be spend to the fullest. I'll show gratitude by giving my all. That's a promise I'll do my best to keep.

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