Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Priceless Love


It was a hot afternoon. I had just arrived at TBS about half-an hour ago*at the time the event happened* from KKTM Ledang by bus. I knew I had to come up with something to do since we arrived early around 2.30 pm but ayah could only come and pick me up at 6pm. So we*KJ n me* decided to take a trip to the MidValley Mega Mall.

The train, was packed*literally*. It wasn't on rush hour, but the number of people in there was definitely like one. I had to squeeze myself inside as to get a ride to the MidValley KTM station. Eventually, I managed to get hold of a pole near the exit of the train as to balance myself. That itself helped me to calm down. I was barely surviving when suddenly I heard a cry from behind.

I turned around and I saw a young couple of husband and wife with their children. The children, on my assumption, one was barely two-years-old. The other, his younger brother I presumed, was barely a year-old. The cry came out of the younger one. He was being hold by his father and while crying, holds out his hands to his mother. His mother, was actually carrying his older brother*You really should imagine the situation*

What the parents did after that was to exchange whom they were carrying and the younger brother stopped crying*Seems like little brother preferred their mother lah*. What I didn't mention before was that the father actually has his hands full holding bags but still somehow, managed to exchange without letting go any of the bags or the children. Within the packed train, it was kinda like a miracle that they managed to do it safely.

What I was amazed by was that the father was holding two heavy looking bags but still somehow managed the process. Then, came the older child. This one, was quite talkative and kept on asking questions*in a baby-ish way*. I observed that the father never fell tired answering the questions. I can see how he was trying his best to cope with the situation, with the heavy bags, the heavier child. Then there's also the questions he had to answer.

My heart felt warm when I saw the smiles of the children. To see the father, doing his best eventhough there were heavy challenges, trying to keep his children happy and smiling really touched my heart. Eventhough he was facing major discomfort with the bags and the tiny space in the train, he managed to successfully keep his children in a very cheerful mood. Infront of my own eyes, I can see the hardship that they went through to exchange the siblings but somehow they managed it successfully too.

I knew by then that what I saw or experienced just now was fatherly love. My dad always said that being a father was never an easy job, You would have to look after the well-being of your wife and children without neglecting your own personal needs. Most of the time, you would have to make sacrifices for the better of your loved ones. I can relate that to the above situation as the father tried his best to keep both of his children happy.


To all of you who still have your fathers, do appreciate them. All fathers actually wants the best for their children and they will try their hardest to help achieve it. Being a father actually means a gigantic responsibility, which if you disobey, be prepared to feel the Wrath of Allah. A father, has the duty to lead his family towards Jannah.

One day, all of us will have the experience of being a father or mother sooner or later, By then, you will finally truly understand the actual value of this Priceless Love, given by The Creator, Allah.
*To the guys out there, please dont play with feelings of women you encounter. Women are fragile at times but if you care for them truly, they can become the strongest supporting person for a man.

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