Sunday, 19 July 2015



The kids were running all around the house. Eventhough I'm significantly older, I know that I don't have any power to stop them. The atmosphere was hectic, kinda chaotic too*Exageratingg here* There was no stopping these kids. I know, trust me I know. Every year, its like this. Both at kampung Ayah n Kampung Mak. The situation is quite the same each year haha. Somehow being the oldest grandchild in the family*in both sides*, it tests your patience and abilities alot more.

The next cousin younger than me is in Form2*belah ayah je* excluding my own siblings. In my mother's side of the family, the next one younger than me is Standard 3. Imagine my situation during Raya. I had to live and get along with kids all Raya long. Mind you, I dont hate kids. Its just that sometimes I feel kinda lonely not having any peers to talk and converse with. Well, I dont blame anyone lah about this. Its Allah's will. I know there will be something good underlying this. Infact, I quite enjoyed my Raya this year hehe*Yes, with all the kidsss*

My situation, it happened because My father's sister, the one next after him, conceived late and only after a few years, that they were gifted a daughter*which is a decade younger than me hha*. While in my mother's side, her sister married a bit late and therefore didn't have any child also until recently*6 years old now her first daughter*. So it made me, and my sister the oldest grandchildren in both families.

This situation molded me into someone who really cares for my friends*I believe*. I really look at my peers as family. "This guy as the brother who like to Dakwah people, while the other guy as the brother who likes to make fun of others"."This girl as the sister who talks alot and the other girl is the sister who is very secretive". My friends, are people who I could really be myself with. Peeps, the one you know throughout this years. Yep, thats the real me. Got nothing to hide haha.

Somehow, not having any peers in the family, made me appreciate my friends more. I really treasure them as the one who I could have fun with, whom I could rely on :D. I admit, sometimes I over react and over concern and I'm sorry for that. It really hurts when sometimes I'm ignored*eventhough you peeps were joking or deliberately doing it ngehh*. I felt like I'm not needed... haha lol what childish thinking. I think I have the phobia of scared of being ignored. Ok, whatever la adlannn.

Anyways, This year, 2015. I really enjoyed it up till now*the day I wrote this*. Yes, its not all rainbow and flowers, bad things happened too, but somehow I know that at the end, everything is going to turn out fine :). I'm really sorry for all of my wrongdoings peeps and families. Do forgive me, and if anything, just pm me okayyy. Also to my family, Its been quite the Raya celebration hhee. Thank you for making my last Raya in Malaysia memorable. To both Peeps and Family, thank you for all the Treasures you have left me with :). Selamat Hari Raya to everyone.

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