Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The Value of Gratefulness


Things have been playing in my thoughts. As humans, we should really be grateful with what we have. Instead of counting our miseries, we should be counting our gifts. It occured to me that some people*including me sometimes* kept whining whenever bad things happened. Actually, we need and we must be grateful with what we have.

During the recent Raya celebrations, I visited my uncle who was involved in an accident. He broke his calf*both of the bones* and hurt his backbone. He was crippled cuz everytime he wants to move he will feel unbearable pain. It was sad, cuz my uncle is actually a very cheerful person. He likes to make silly jokes and is also the one who always sponsor the firecrackers whenever its Raya season. Unfortunately for him this year, he had to celebrate Raya on his bed...

Furthermore, Raya this year is also the first Raya ever without Wan Long*Wan's eldest sister. It felt different this year without her sometimes funny but tender advices. I remembered earlier this year, She adviced me to never bring home a foreign woman, it was after she learnt that I was accepted into a MARA program to further studies in the US. What made me sad was my thoughts for Tok Long. He does not want to live away from their old house eventhough he is living alone now. I guess the house reminded him of his late wife alot, therefore making the decision to stay there.

Both of the event above made me realise how lucky we are actually to be able to celebrate Raya along with our family. We should cherish our family members instead of arguing with them over silly things. Before we whine, think about all that we have. I believe, you will actually realise that you are luckier and is in a better situation that you thought you were. I remembered being sad about my knee and I whined about not being able to play most sports. 

A person reminded me that at least, I can walk and move around freely while most of the disabled people especially the crippled ones cannot even make even a small movement. That went deep. I realised that I'm actually a very lucky person and instead of whining, I should be grateful with what I have. That person will always have my gratitude :). 

So peeps, remember. If you think you're unlucky, there will always be people who are facing worse situation compared to you. Therefore Chin Up, Be Strong and Keep On Finding and Trying ways to overcome the walls and limitations in your life. InsyaAllah, its never too late for anything :).

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