Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ohana Means Family


Here I am again today, letting my thoughts flow through... It seems like just recently that I had stepped foot in KKTM Ledang. The day I went for the interview, I can recall clearly since it deliberately made changes to our holiday plans. Then, theres also the 13th of January, where after successfully going through the interview I registered there under a MARA programme.

What I couldn't correctly recall was how I ended up being Class Rep hha. I'm sure it was something that I could laugh about but awkwardly, I really can't remember LOL. For me, time surely went by fast this year, especially after I was admitted into college. I met many kinds of people, made new friends, new people that I could trust.

Somehow, being the Class Rep changed me I think. I'm thinking more of other people and lesser of myself. No longer the days where I would only think of being the best in class, trying to outsmart everybody. Now whenever theres free time, I would be thinking of whats best for the class to improve as a whole. Those people who I had barely knew for more than 7 months, I really look at them as my family now, people who I really care for. Also, Eventhough there're several extra work that I had to do, I really did enjoy the experience.

I'm hoping to keep a promise that I made with them. "Nobody gets left behind" is what I'm holding on to now. To be honest, I was really sad when I learnt that some are considering giving up and will probably not be repeating the TOEFL exams. I felt horrible. I kept asking myself, was it my fault that they didn't pass the test? Where did it went wrong? These questions still lingers in my head up until now*Peeps if you're reading this, I beg you guys please. Please don't give up. Many are willing to help, I'm willing to help. So please, do give it one more try...
I know it will all come to an end shortly, this short experience in Ledang. We've got less than 4 months left. Everyone will be going their own separate ways after the end of MADPP program. To my classmates*Group E, no matter what happens after this, no matter what your choices are, I'll respect and acknowledge it. All I want is that for each and every one of you peeps to live your lives to the fullest. Don't ever let anything drag you down and if something does drag you down, always find a reason to bounce back alright?.

All in all, good luck and all the best peeps. It was fun, this several months. I really enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you. I beg forgiveness for all of my wrong doings, from the first time we meet up until now and in the future. May Allah bless all of us. I hope we'll still be in each others lives even after aging all those future years InsyaAllah. Ouh and one last thing peeps before I end this entry, I Love You All LillahiTa'ala. Lets do our best during these remaining times here.


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