Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Forgotten Beauty


Hey there! This morning(The day I wrote this) was quite a day. It kickstarted*ngehh* with me coming late to class and having to stay outside the classroom for about 30 minutes*Thank God I have a kinda good reason for being late tho. It affected my mood and well, hermmm... Well, *nak buat mcm mana kan* It was my fault to begin with.

Whenever I'm troubled by something, my habit to overcome it is by looking around, trying to notice the nature around me. I don't usually share my problems with people even with my loved ones *I never know why but I rarely do. Sometimes, it kept bothering until at some point where I would start to blame things on myself and became miserable all-day long*macam gegirl kann haha* but I believe most people wouldn't notice cuz I'm pretty good at hiding my emotions or what I'm thinking of*acah.

I really appreciate nature even the smallest things because somehow it always helps to cool my head off. Some people always overlook the smallest things but even the smallest things are worth to have a look at. You see, actually we don't need the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls to really appreciate the beauty of nature. Even the slightest things, if you look close enough, are beautiful.

The Flower next to the KKTM Ledang surau :)
All we need to do is actually to truly open our eyes and notice our surroundings. I believe Allah created everything perfectly to fit its surroundings. Therefore peeps, don't miss the chance to have a look at His fine creations. Its all around us really hhe. All you need to do is notice :). By looking around, it really helps to sooth my mind. Somehow it reminds me that whatever we're going through, thick or thin, He will always be there beside us.

Afternoon Ledang Sky #NoFilter
I'm not saying that we shouldn't be excited when we're at the bigger sceneries such as The Grand Canyon. What I'm trying to point out is that we should also notice and appreciate those small things around us haha. I'm sure that that most of you have your own favourite sceneries around the world right? Well I've got mine too, and its from a local place in Malaysia. Theres two actually. But I prefer this one more XD.

Panorama view from the top of Penang Hill :D. My Favourite 
The sky, its so blue and at that time I was like "WOW!". Completely mesmerised by the view, I managed to capture a few photos but I think this one is the best xD. It gives off the 'On Top Of The World' feeling you know hhee. All the buildings under the sky made it more beautiful :).

The next one is from on top of Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi.

Gives off a more natural feeling
Took the photo above during my last visit to Langkawi. I remembered feeling anxious*gayat weyhh*. The wind was strong and I felt like I could be blown of the platform anytime ahaha*Exagerating*. When you reach the top yourself, you'll know how it feels :). rasa macam 'Cantiknyaa!!'

Somewhere during dawn around Penang
Mind you I took all of the above using only the camera of my phone about 10MP. You should really look around and enjoy the nature more. It's sad how most people could miss all the beauty around them. Open your eyes peeps. Observe the nature. You'll definitely feel better after spending some time appreciating The Forgotten Beauty. Believe me, I know :). 

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